Specializing in regenerative agriculture and green solutions. 


The Perfect Companion for Any Mission-Driven Marketing Plan

Nonprofits and social enterprises create benefits for people and the planet.


That is why they are uniquely positioned to use the power of copywriting.


I offer copywriting services to help
with most types of web writing for your organization or business.

Case studies: Effective for landing pages from online ads or emails. A compelling, real-world, “before and after” story that converts prospects to customers or donors.


Emails and E-newsletters: Email is a simple and cost-effective way to keep in touch with your patrons. Copywriting will keep them reading it before they can delete it.

Website Audits: Does your website grab attention? Does it coherently add in your keywords so it will show up in a search? Use the money invested in your website to its
fullest potential.


Cultivating the Long-term Viability of Any Website

Copywriting content will increase inbound traffic to your website and boosts your search engine ranking by creating value for your audience.

Social Media: It boosts brand awareness and loyalty through dialog with a target
audience and eye-catching visuals. Provides a means to gather testimonials.

Blogs: When kept up-to-date with captivating information or details about your business or nonprofit, they help to generate leads. Share on social media to increase your visibility and your website’s search ranking.

Articles: Original, authoritative content on other websites that provides an easy place to link back to your website.

Web copywriting gets results
SEO copywriter can help your web content get found and linked back to your website.

Business Advocacy Gets Customers Involved


In this type of marketing, a business  campaigns for a nonprofit, giving some of its profits for a certain amount of time.

These ongoing relationships generate new customers, more than half of whom are basing buying decisions on if a brand supports a non-profit cause.

The nonprofit can expand its supporter base and gain more publicity.

The brand builds its reputation. This works best when the non-profit cause reflects its core values.

I consult on cause marketing strategy and handle any writing to support your cause.

Cause Marketing
Copywriting services include cause marketing consultation


Kelly Wassell

I am passionate about building a resilient world. Communities that are secure, egalitarian, and abundant. People and place-bound by respect and a deeper sense of self. 


This is why I offer web copywriting services to promote social entrepreneurship.  


Social enterprises are leveraging socially responsible investing by the trillions to create economic viability, health, and ecological well being for communities across the globe.


This is laying the groundwork for resiliency, rebuilding trust and regenerating ecosystems at the same time.


It's my mission to promote the solution of business with a mission.


To a more resilient world!

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."

Rachel Carson


Thanks for checking out my copywriter portfolio. I love interacting with like-minded individuals and businesses working to make a difference. Get in touch to set up your free 20 minute call to make magic happen with my copywriting. 


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